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Pillar II: Bouncing Forward

Fostering Resilience in the Face of Natural Disasters

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O‘ahu faces incredibly unique challenges when it comes to natural disasters. Take into consideration that we are one of the most isolated places on Earth. In the event of a natural disaster, disruptions to air or shipping lines could lead to significant delays in emergency response and the delivery of food (up to 90 percent of which is imported), medicine, and other critical supplies. Honolulu’s island infrastructure is also extremely vulnerable, with many roadways, bridges and facilities located in coastal and flood-prone areas. What’s more, many of O‘ahu’s communities are linked by a single roadway—and a flood or storm could sever roadways and completely cut off communities.

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Pre-Disaster Preparedness

  • Action 11
    Protect Lives and Property by Updating Building Codes

  • Action 12
    Launch Residential Hurricane Retrofit Program to Strengthen Properties Vulnerable to Hurricanes

  • Action 13
    Increase Flood Insurance Affordability for O‘ahu Residents

  • Action 14
    Establish Future Conditions Climate Resilience Design Guidelines

Effective Disaster Response

  • Action 15
    Develop a Network of Community Resilience Hubs

  • Action 16
    Establish an O‘ahu Emergency Food Supply and Storage Strategy

  • Action 17
    Ensure Access to Fuel Supplies to Aid Disaster Response and Recovery

  • Action 18
    Increase O‘ahu’s Preparedness Utilizing Scenario Modeling and Artificial Intelligence

Successful Disaster Recovery

  • Action 19
    Develop and Implement a Long-Term Disaster Recovery Plan for O‘ahu