Climate Resilience & Equity Manager

Organization description:
The City and County of Honolulu (“City”) Office of Climate Change, Sustainability and Resiliency (“CCSR”) was established by a City Charter amendment in 2016 with overwhelming approval by Oʻahu voters. As mandated by Charter, CCSR is tasked with tracking climate change science and potential impacts on City facilities, coordinating actions and policies of departments within the City to increase community preparedness, protecting economic activity, protect the coastal areas and beaches, and developing resilient infrastructure in response to the effects from climate change. Additionally, CCSR is responsible for integrating sustainable and environmental values into City plans, programs, and policies. CCSR also administratively supports the City’s Climate Change Commission.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Ensures the inclusion of climate resilience, disparate impact, and equity considerations and best practices in the creation and implementation of City-level climate mitigation and adaptation plans and policies by working collaboratively with City, State, and diverse community stakeholders

  • Develops and recommends evidence-based programs, strategies and activities designed to protect the resiliency and quality of life for residents—especially those from vulnerable and under-represented populations—in collaboration with government agencies, community-based organizations, businesses, and coalitions

  • Conducts research related to climate equity and environmental justice to be included in reports, presentations, media outreach, and curricula

  • Provides climate resilience and economic equity consultation, education, and research to CCSR programs, the City’s Climate Change Commission, and City departments involved in climate change and mitigation activities and policy making

  • Coordinates a targeted education campaign to make disproportionately-impacted and vulnerable communities on-island aware of the high long-term costs of a carbon economy and the long-term benefits and cost of living savings that can result from a decarbonized economy

  • Develops climate equity educational curricula and training materials targeted to vulnerable communities

  • Develops materials, facilitates trainings and presentations focused on climate equity

  • Facilitates community-based conversations on the relationships between climate resilience, sustainability, native culture, immigration status, ethnicity, gender, and equity

  • Researches, identifies, and builds partnerships with community organizations to better align climate policies, sustainability goals, and resilience projects with community priorities

  • Translates climate resilience and sustainability policies and projects into social and traditional media pieces that will effectively reach vulnerable populations

  • Shares climate resilience and economic equity research materials, findings, strategies, and best practices through the four county sustainability office network

  • Monitors, tracks and evaluates outputs, outcomes, and impacts of all climate resilience and equity-related activities

  • Identifies and develops on-going funding opportunities to build capacity of of the climate resilience and equity program for the City

  • Represents CCSR at community meetings, events, and at educational tables/booths throughout Oʻahu

  • Performs other related duties as may be assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field from an accredited university

  • Experience working with local and vulnerable communities on Oʻahu

  • Deep understanding of income, ethnic, gender, and place-based inequities, specifically related to climate mitigation and adaptation

  • Ability to communicate about climate, equity, and justice issues clearly and concisely to diverse members of the public in both written and verbal forms

  • Experience in policy formation, research, and analysis and familiarity with the implications and economic impacts of climate and sustainability policies

  • Experience with program planning and management

  • Excellent project management skills, experience using project management software a plus

  • Excellent writing, communication, research and public presentation skills with a strong attention to detail

  • Comfortable working independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced environment

  • Able to multi-task and organize projects in a professional and concise manner, and meet short deadlines

  • Strong background using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

  • Previous experience working in government preferred, but not required

To apply:
To apply, please send a 1-2 page cover letter, current resume, a minimum of two writing samples, and at least three current references to Please highlight aspects of your experience that are relevant for this position and explain why you are interested in working with the City and County of Honolulu and CCSR.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled, but at least until January 2, 2019.