Pillar III: Climate Security

Tackling Climate Change by Reducing Emissions and Adapting to Impacts

Photo by Rafael Bergstrom

Photo by Rafael Bergstrom

As an isolated island with a heavy reliance on imported fossil fuel, O‘ahu is on the climate change front line. Impacts from sea level rise, increased rainfall flooding, and extreme heat are happening in real time all around us. Recent king tide inundation, severe beach erosion along the North Shore and Ko‘olau Loa, and the April 2018 “rain bomb” flooding demonstrate the need to act. Bond rating agencies are now looking at how well municipalities understand their climate risk and are preparing for the future. The benefit is clear: the sooner we transition to a clean energy economy and design resilient infrastructure to lower our risk to life and property, the greater the cost savings to current and future generations. Climate change is the challenge of our time, but it also provides the opportunity to design for multiple benefits and improve our community conditions and quality of life while protecting the places that we love.


Clean Energy Economy

  • Action 20
    Reduce Taxpayer Expense and Increase Renewable Energy through a City-Wide Energy Performance Contract

  • Action 21
    Establish an Energy Benchmarking Standard for O‘ahu Commercial Buildings

  • Action 22
    District Cooling: Tap the Ocean to Cool our Buildings

  • Action 23
    Expand Opportunities for Methane Capture and Re-Use

Clean Ground Transportation

  • Action 24
    Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Island-Wide

  • Action 25
    Accelerate Carbon-Free New Mobility Options

  • Action 26
    Ensure Equal Access to Sustainable Transportation Options and Cost Savings

  • Action 27
    Transform the City’s Public Fleet to 100 Percent Renewable Fuel by 2035

Climate Resilient Future

  • Action 28
    Chart a Climate Resilient Future by Creating and Implementing a Climate Adaptation Strategy

  • Action 29
    Protect Beaches and Public Safety with Revised Shoreline Management Rules

  • Action 30
    Nourish and Preserve Beach Environments through Innovation and Partnerships

  • Action 31
    Establish a Storm Water Enterprise Fund to Better Finance Storm Water Management

  • Action 32
    Deploy Sustainable Roof Systems to Manage Urban Heat and Rainfall

  • Action 33
    Keep O‘ahu Cool by Maintaining and Enhancing the Community Forest

  • Action 34
    Minimize Economic and Property Risk within the Ala Wai Canal Watershed