Community Cohesion

Leveraging the Strength and Leadership of Local Communities

Photo by The Nature Conservancy

Photo by The Nature Conservancy

Community is the essential element of resilience. We know this because in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami, the neighborhoods that “bounced back” the quickest from disaster had the most social connections. We know this because climate change solutions like solar panels and electric cars often spread to neighbors of early adopters. And we know this because it was community that came together and gave selflessly to create homes for 30 formerly homeless families at Kahauiki Village. Every pillar of this Resilience Strategy is held up by a tight-knit community.


Empower Grassroots Resilience Champions

  • Action 35
    Increase Coordination with Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Groups

  • Action 36
    Increase City-Community Relationships through Volunteerism

  • Action 37
    Weave a Tighter Community With Neighborhood Gatherings

  • Action 38
    Empower Neighborhoods to Co-Design Safe and Complete Streets

Communicate and Affirm Island Values

  • Action 39
    Celebrate O‘ahu’s Resilient Past and Future through Public Art

  • Action 40
    Lift Up Positive Examples of Island Values in Action

  • Action 41
    Launch a Place-Based Resilience Training Program for City Leadership

  • Action 42
    Foster Shared Understanding of Climate Change Island-Wide Though an Outreach Campaign

Island-Wide Alignment

  • Action 43
    Ensure City Partnership in O‘ahu’s Collective Impact Resilience Efforts

  • Action 44
    Create a City-Community Liaison to Leverage Non-Profit and Volunteer Assets