Discovery Areas

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cost of living

Proposed questions

  • What policies or programs should CCH implement to increase resilience and drive down long-term government costs/risk exposure that will adversely impact future cost of living for O′ahu citizens/taxpayers?
  • What targeted policies should CCH adopt in the specific areas of housing, food, energy and transportation costs for residents? 
  • Is there a role for CCH to play that can increase income/wages to help offset the high cost of living?
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disaster mitigation & Preparedness

Proposed questions

  • To what extent is O′ahu infrastructure resilient to disasters? If we experienced a “Hurricane Maria,” where is our infrastructure most vulnerable?
  • Are there risks to CCH credit ratings based on disaster vulnerability, and are there policies that can be adopted to protect our rating?
  • What citizens and communities are the most vulnerable to known disaster hazards?
  • What federal and other hazard mitigation funding opportunities are not being fully leveraged by CCH?
  • What actions should be taken to assist household and community scale disaster preparedness?
  • What is the landscape of insured and uninsured liabilities?
  • What action should be taken to foster long-term recovery options that can strengthen O′ahu’s resilience into the future?
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Mitigating and adapting to Climate Change

Proposed questions

  • What are the most effective and equitable steps to reduce climate change emissions and adapt to climate change impacts?
  • How is climate change currently impacting our citizens and infrastructure, and which communities are most vulnerable to long-term climate change?
  • What adaptation measures and opportunities are most appropriate for O′ahu given our cultural, environmental, and economic assets?
  • How can all levels of government on O′ahu most effectively collaborate to progress on climate change mitigation and adaptation actions?
  • What are the fiscal implications of projected climate change impacts?
  • How can CCH incorporate climate mitigation/adaptation (risk, mitigation, and resilience) actions into budgeting and day to day operations processes?

engaged communities

Proposed questions

  • How can we leverage social cohesion strengths to address our resilience challenges?
  • How does CCH design a public engagement strategy that advances long term resilience goals and how do we best align our goals with other large island-wide institutions?
  • What methods does CCH successfully employ to engage, empower, and garner community buy-in and participation?
  • How do we address different interests across communities and still accomplish island-wide action (i.e., scale)?
  • How can CCH learn from other 100RC network cities to empower/engage/participate communities facing pressing 21st century challenges of climate change, globalization, and urbanization?

cross-cutting theme: 
Fiscal Alignment &
Performance Management

Proposed questions

  • How can our CCH budget reflect and track resilience goals?
  • How can the city incorporate performance management into policies and projects?
  • What are appropriate and meaningful metrics the city should track to measure resilience?
  • How are capital projects and social programs shaped and informed by our resilience goals?
  • What are the city’s capacities and limitations in the areas of: revenue generation, service provision, maintenance, and new investments?
  • How can public-private partnerships help attract funds and/or investment into resilience projects in the city?