Pillar I: Remaining Rooted

Ensuring an Affordable Future for Our Island

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Building resilience on O‘ahu is directly related to maintaining continuity of our community. For the first time since statehood both the entire state and O‘ahu’s populations declined for two consecutive years. This outmigration of local families and Honolulu’s struggle with homelessness are directly tied to affordability and opportunity. The cost of living in Honolulu is 24.4 percent above the national average and according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, a family of four on O‘ahu who brings in $93,300 or less per year (or a single person earning less than $65,350 per year) should be considered “low income.”

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Supporting affording housing development

  • Action 1
    Reduce Empty Homes and Increase Affordable Housing Funding

  • Action 2
    Return Illegal Vacation Rental Units to Local Housing

  • Action 3
    Develop Alternative, Affordable Housing Options for Oahu Residents

  • Action 4
    Expand Affordable Housing Funding by Implementing Progressive Property Taxes

  • Action 5
    Implement a Guaranteed Security Program to Support Local Home Ownership

Reducing Additional Cost Burdens

  • Action 6
    Expand Housing and Energy Transformation by Accelerating the Permitting Process

  • Action 7
    Reduce Utility Costs for Residents through Transparency and Disclosure

  • Action 8
    Increase Housing Affordability by Reducing Parking Requirements

Improving economic opportunity

  • Action 9
    Foster an Innovation Economy through the City’s Office of Economic Development

  • Action 10
    Promote New Agricultural Models for Economic and Food Security