Internship (Sustainability Specialist - Unpaid)

Organization description:
The City and County of Honolulu's Office of Climate Change, Sustainability and Resiliency (CCSR) was established by a City Charter amendment in 2016 with overwhelming approval by Oʻahu voters. As mandated by Charter, CCSR is tasked with seeking local information from scientists and tracking climate change science and potential impacts on City facilities, coordinating actions and policies of departments within the City to increase community preparedness, protecting economic activity, protect the coastal areas and beaches, and developing resilient infrastructure in response to the effects from climate change. Additionally, CCSR is responsible for integrating sustainable and environmental values into City plans, programs and policies. CCSR also administratively supports the City’s Climate Change Commission.

Position description:
CCSR is seeking a well-organized and self-motivated intern to assist with office research, analysis, writing projects, and outreach. This is an opportunity for college-level students interested in gaining policy experience as they will need to become familiar with the broad range of initiatives that CCSR is working on. Internship responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Policy analysis – research policy issues, organize and synthesize information, present research concisely and effectively, and make policy recommendations
  • Government participation – attendance at City Council meetings, legislative hearings, and other county, State and Federal government/agency meetings
  • Community and stakeholder outreach – engage and present to community groups and organizations, City departments, external agencies, and CCSR partners
  • Overall support and management – research, writing, meeting planning and management, constituent engagement, legislative analysis, and data compilation and analysis

Although not required, the successful applicant will likely have one or more of the following academic or professional experiences: economics, environmental policy, environmental science, finance, public policy and/or administration, urban or regional planning, law, political science, sociology, communications, transportation policy and/or sustainable development.

Successful applicants must have excellent writing, communication, and presentation skills. Experience with policy research and analysis and developing policy recommendations is preferred but not required. Applicants must be able to communicate complex policy issues clearly and concisely to members of the public in both written and verbal forms. Applicants must be comfortable working independently and organizing projects. Applicants are required to have a strong background using Microsoft Word, Excel, and be comfortable with PowerPoint, including experience developing presentations and using Microsoft Excel to perform basic analysis and organize information. Compelling examples of these skills could include managing complex projects; analytical work balancing bold ideas with attention to detail; successfully gaining the support of independent stakeholders; and examples of leadership in the applicant’s current field of work or studies.

Additionally, candidates should have a strong desire to work on one or more of the following issues: climate change, carbon emissions reduction, resilient communities, sustainable systems, sea level rise/coastal erosion, renewable energy, transportation, energy and water conservation, waste/recycling, trees/urban canopy, hazard mitigation, community preparedness and/or long-term disaster recovery.

Internship positions with CCSR are open to college undergraduates who have completed at least three years of studies, graduate students, and recent college graduates (within one year of graduation). Fall and spring semester internships are part-time volunteer (unpaid) positions. Summer internships may be up to full-time.

To apply:
To apply, please send a 1-2 page cover letter, current resume, and at least two current references to resilientoahu@honolulu.gov. Please highlight aspects of your experience that are relevant for this position, including volunteer service, and explain why you are interested in working with the City & County of Honolulu and CCSR.

Deadline to apply:
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until positions are filled.